I’m James, an ordinary guy from Northern Ireland who is a blogger, a mental health and suicide advocate and I’m employed as a peer support worker within the mental health services. I’m also a course facilitator within the SET Recovery College.

I have worked within the nursing industry since the age of sixteen years old, working within the private sector as a support worker and senior care assistant before gaining employment within the NHS as an auxiliary nurse and emergency department practitioner. I have experience working in various areas of nursing including community care, disability, dementia, care of the elderly, cardiac, acute and emergency care.

Nursing has been a passion since the beginning of my career and although I have fully enjoyed my work within private nursing, acute and emergency care, I’ve gained so much experience, knowledge and skills and now I want to broaden my opportunities.

Nursing being my primary passion, I have seek passion in a new area after a mental health and suicide experience after a trauma relapse and in result; I had to be hospitalised and remained in longterm recovery. I understood mental health as an employee, but as a patient myself my outlook changed completely with the right help from the services I was involved in.

My career goal now, is to offer hope to other persons who is and has experienced similar circumstances promoting a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a balanced mental health whilst embracing life through recovery.

Drawing my attention to my own experiences here, I talk openly about the difficulties that I have struggled with over the years, sharing my inner most past secrets and once struggles. I cover lots of areas in my life, from bullying to challenging myself through education with dyslexia and special needs and putting my learning to good use whilst adopting to my mental health diagnosis, accepting life as a survivor of sexual abuse and embracing life by overcoming suicide.

In my spare time, I volunteer with NexusNI, a charity that offers specialist counselling and support to survivors of sexual violence and volunteer at another charity being a local food bank, providing food parcels and support to those in desperate need. I’m not all formal and do enjoy a good old laugh watching stand-up comedy live, but mainly in my spare time I enjoy journaling, blogging and hope to use some of my skills learnt through writing to have a chance as a freelance journalist and hope to fulfil a lifelong dream to write my own novels as an author.

I now with a positive attitude and recognising my own core values and ethics, accepting my own worth and abilities, whilst promoting mental health recovery, self-love and hope, here I don’t just write about my past, hopes and ambitions. I blog with an honest approach through storytelling, creative writing, poetry and sharing my views in todays society with a difference.

I hope I can make a small difference in your life and that my own experiences inspire you to believe in self-hope.