About Me

Hi Guys, thanks for stopping by at my site “Positively Present”.

The reason behind creating a website for blogging was to share my life events as an inspiring writer. Here I write about love, work and the law of attraction, sensitive subjects like mental health, sexual violence and domestic abuse and share my skills and knowledge though journaling.

I have always wanted to be a writer dating back to when I was in primary school, however it only felt fantasy. I struggled at primary school in both subjects maths and english and required extra help from special need tutors. It was soon obvious I was dyslexic. I finished my primary education and I went into secondary college and still required extra help, if not more than what I had at primary school. Having special needs caused me great embarrassment which triggered an error in identifying my confidence.

I remember a career officer coming to the college and they arranged meetings on a one-to-one basis with the students to discuss their career options. This helped you to direct yourself towards the appropriate GCSE’s. I had hopes and dreams and wanted to become a meteorologist and study weather. I couldn’t wait. I received my interview date and shared my career ambitions with the officer, however she quickly shut down and told me I would never be able to get the qualifications. I was embarrassed and quickly I tried to change the subject, not meaning to share that I wanted to be a writer, but as quick as her last response she told me to be realistic and that I would not be smart enough to be an author.

My grandparents fell ill through old age and were later diagnosed with Alzheimers disease. I visited my grandparents every night and often found myself trying to encourage my grandmother to communicate, mobilise and eat sufficiently. My grandfather kept himself to himself, but shared the most amazing stories however needed a lot of encouragement to self care. I enjoyed not only visiting my grandparents and showing my love towards them, but during their last years of fighting Alzheimer’s left me inspired to want to start a nursing career and help others alike.

I went on to nations vocational qualifications, in health and social care in levels one and two. I continued on enhancing my skills and education and continued on to do a diploma in health and social care. I was able to study and work at the same time and thankfully I had a manager who supported my studies. I was employed as a care assistant and was later promoted as a senior care assistant. I nursed in a private nursing home and worked in community care, mental health and disability. Private nursing care was a real delight and the experience was precious. I was succesfully to be employed by the NHS within the south eastern trust as an emergency department practitioner.

My experience in different healthcare departments continued to expand and my knowledge, skills and qualifications where building up nicely. My studying didn’t end when it came to nursing, I was lucky enough to have been put through an open university programme studying health and social care.

I have always enjoyed nursing and hope to continue to build a portfolio of qualifications, skills and experience that will further my nursing career. I would love to take the opportunity to study nursing more, however I have always been fascinated by the roles of the ambulance service and would be keen to study paramedic science. My love for nursing will always inspire me, but that doesn’t stop me wanting to be a writer too. I still dream and despite the setbacks, the bullying and a lack of confidence, I now know that one day I will write a novel.

So, that’s a wee outlook into my life, i’m just a casual man on this wonderful island of Ireland, writing about my life experiences, hopes, dreams and ambitions, so enjoy getting to know me that little bit more and I dare to hope that i’m able to inspire you by giving you hope.