I hope for hope!!

Today it’s winter, with blue skies and snowy mountains,

Taking things for granted, when people globally walk miles for clean water fountains.

I’m thankful for the abilities I hold and the courage I carry,

It’s those poor and vulnerable, I think of often and pour my heart out of the ordinary.

I’m thankful for my feet that carry me,

I’ve a history of poor eye site, however i’m grateful that I can see.

Those poor and who live differently overwhelms me so much,

Leaving my heart tender and my body aching to touch.

I take to much for granted, those big and small,

Ignoring the things important, that keep me standing tall.

Reflecting the do’s and dont’s and changing my way of attitude.

Being grateful for the smallest of things allowing self gratitude.

The law of attraction, believing in myself and wishing for the important things,

It’s the secret that guides me and although I’m no angel, I do have wings.

I pray for those in war, sick and injured,

I hope for world peace and wish my words to be heard.

I hope for hope, I’ve hope in everyone and everything.

I self believe that negatives can be turned in to a positive, but how long is a piece of string.

One day, one hour, one minute until every second,

I believe in the possible and the impossible, I believe in the reckoned!

– James Keenan


8 thoughts on “I hope for hope!!

  1. So proud of you James, I think of you and Andrew often. Today I am also thinking of those in war torn countries, if everyone in the world had our gentle nature there would be world peace. Take care and give my best wishes to Andrew. xxx

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    1. Anne, thank you so much for your lovely words and that we are always in your thoughts. We still admire your work and well you treated us on our visit and i’m excited to see you are following my posts and I hope you are sharing them too. Andrew passes on his best wishes. Lots of love xx

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  2. The easiest way to spread joy is through a smile. A smile connects us. A smile breaks down walls. These broken walls allow communication. Communication can lead to peace and understanding. A smile brings hope.

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