Inspire me, I dare you!!

Hi Guys,

To those who know through blogging and those not, I blog about my life experiences through word and poem. I’ve has comments saying my poems are hard to read, many feeling emotional and some calling them dark.

I do suffer with mental health illnesses, anxiety, depression, PDSD and Emotional Unstable Personality Disorder. I have some good days and ma u bad and to be able to recovery fully two separate physiatrists have told me to stop blogging and allow myself to fully recover.

I do understand what they are saying, completely, however writing my experiences and hearing people comment and email thanking me for sharing my stories and giving them hope by learning through my mistakes; being inspirational and leaving them that they aren’t on their own. That gives me great pride and although I’m not a professional blogger, i’m proud of the way I write, blog and what I post on varied subjects. If I’m able to inspire just one person through one of my blogs which allow courage or gives hope, then it’s a job well done.

The statement that is pernicious on my blog, “I hope to inspire others, like others have inspired me”. I’m not out to help millions or just to share my stories, I write one the heart and writing about my life experiences helps me in a therapeutic manner to overcome my recovery in aid of helping others. If I can help just one person out of the hundreds who has read my blogs, then my abilities, the length gourds a d sometimes days has all been worth we’ll.

So recently I came across a post, that someone blogged and I loved the idea, however I’d like to try it out, but differently. There will be rules so those who follow or not, follow me or not you’ll complete questions 2-8 in my comment box and if you wish to continue you on, copy and paste it to your own blog and mention me as your nomination.

Have fun!

1. mention my blog,

2. Introduce yourself, telling me your name, age and where you are from.

3. Tell me a little about you and your blog.

4. Tell me 3 random facts about you.

5. Tell me three of your worst fears/phobias.

6. Tell me two of your most favourite places to visit, whether in your country or not.

7. Where do you see yourself in fives years time.

8. Be happy, optimistic, joyful and smile. Give a reason what’s important to you today.

A great new way to get to know my fellow followers and those who will come across my blog at a later stage.

So I’ll start and you can comment on under this and hopefully you will write the same sort of blog. Happy Wednesday! 🙂

So this is my blog and about me;

My name is James, though I usually get Jay. I’m 28 years old and was born and raised in North Belfast in Northern Ireland. I moved away from Belfast when I was 16 to Ardglass in Co. Down, which is s small fishing village, where I studied Health and Social Care NVQs levels one, two and three and then a Diploma in Health and Social Cares also. I’m currently studying at The Open University doing the Introduction to Health a d Social Care. I have managed to worked my way up from a care assistant, to senior care assistant and then a mental health support worker and now I work in A&E as an Emergency Practitioner.

Growing up during my teenage years I would have helped in the corner shop acting as a shopkeeper, but more stacking up and cleaning and ended up doing a paperboy, this was just before my teens so still young, but I hated. I now live in Downpatrick with my Partner Andrew and without him in my life I don’t know if this blog could be a factual matter of reality. I’ve experienced so many different things in my life, those I’d call raw, leaving me empty and feeling lost and it’s only now I’m beginning to identify who I really am. Scary!

In my blogs I cover life experiences about my sexuality, coming out, my mental health, marriage, my inspirations, volunteering, random acts of kindness and just to achieve goals while having fun blogging. My own writing has started to inspired me all the more and with many more inspiring writing pieces to come, I hope that I’ll be able to inspire you.

My 3 random facts about me;

1. I’ve lived in 22 types of accommodation since birth.

2) I’ve family in Canada and have never visited Canada once despite travelling a lot of America and Caribbean.

3) I met my gorgeous partner over Instagram.

My three worst fears are simple;

1. Drowning I near drown as a kid and I was pulled out by a Family friend with thanks to my sister shouting for help. I can’t swim, I have taken lessons a few years back and still I’m unable to tread water. Unbelievable!!

2. Ending up with Alzheimer’s or any type of Dementia.

3. Losing the man of my dreams.

4. ( I know I said four however this I have to add…. ) I’ve a phobia of dead fish, when they’re alive they’re super cool and very pretty, however dead. 😷

Two of my favourite places I have visited;<<
Siem Reap, Cambodia; simply because how spirituality attached I became of the Country and the people of Siem Reap, however poor they always smile. It’s a country that is beautiful in so many ways and s place I’ve learnt life lessons from.

2. This varies, but for the same reasons, Enniskillen where Andrew first took me for our first weekend together which was beautiful and then Edinburgh, where Andrew is is from and during our visit we stayed at his mums for a night and Linda, Andrews Mum has never met any of Andrews ex partners. That’s special for that reason alone.

Where do I see myself in 5 years time?

I would love to travel the world, stay in different countries 3 months at a time, explore the wonders of the world and breath in the fresh air off newness, dreams and nature. It all sounds amazing and very appetising as it sounds, but it’s not a reality for me. I mean it’s doable, however so if I was to do that my actual dream of where do I see myself in 5 years time wouldn’t be a reality.

I’d most definitely like to do a little travelling with Andrew, places I haven’t been, India, China, Maldives, Japan, Beijing and Europe and Canada too. It all sounds amazing, but I’m 5 years time can it happen? Of course if I allow it, to explore, you got to have that strength and thought process right to your core.

I hope that Andrew and I will have our own house on our own land to have our own children. I’d say 3, two boys and a girl, and possibly another girl if the Universe is kind to us and our acceptance.

I’d also love to have our dream business’s open, at least two coffee shops, one in Belfast and another in Edinburgh and another small business created in around with art. Allowing my core to expand and to allow that powerfulness to fill me with the beauty that I’m able to demonstrate the power of beauty through art.

en I fully recover myself, I’d love to start a community, that allows volunteers with the appropriate training to attend schools and community centres to allow awareness sessions on mental health as it’s a subject that doesn’t be spoke off in schools nor does it be an importance to many health care settings, that aside I want to go to schools and talk of the importance of mental health, what it is and how you can overcome it.

If not in the five years we also dream of opening a bar and restaurant, possibly in Belfast or somewhere quirky, well visited and a place of acceptance.

My predictions are in the arms of the powerfulness of the Universe allowing my dreams and ambitions to make way for my own beliefs, to enable me achieve with the acknowledgment of self belief and to keep positive mind frame, to allow successfulness.

Give me a reason what’s important to you today?<<
rpose. The power to see past the bad and to believe in the good, accept the universe as my destiny to allow happiness and the chance to live beautifully.

-James Keenan


8 thoughts on “Inspire me, I dare you!!

  1. This was so much fun! I hope I get to read more of them. I appreciate your ability to share the painful parts of yourself with us and I am glad I have a chance to do the same. And exercises like this give us the chance to share some of our hidden gems!

    Liked by 2 people

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