Goodbye Jacko!

It’s with great sadness I write this small statement and although the little shite drove me crazy at times, he was still my boy. Heartfelt pain and great guilt, Andrew and I made a joint decision that our Boy Jack will be rehoused for his own welfare and happiness.

It’s been unfortunate due to my health and my long periods in hospital and Andrews long hours at work, it’s proved that Jack deserved better, someone with a family, someone who can be with him night and day. He’s a wee champion, a rascal too, but the love shown from him was incredibly powerful and I wish things could be different. I wish I was normal enough to be able to keep him.

He just wasn’t anyone’s dog, but he was ours, a best friend, a family member, he was simply put Jack and he we loved, is why this decision has been made.

It hurts to think that he thinks he wasn’t wanted or loved, but for his own benefit, he deserves more move, care and attention, someone to be around all day every day.

My boy, Our Jack, love you loads! 😢😢💔💔

I’m told dogs can be great therapy for those people suffering with mental health illnesses, however; suffering presently and with time approaching to return to my work, the same problem will occur, up for a couple of hours, incase for 10, out for an hours walk, out for a few hours and back in cage for the night. That’s no quality of life and if I had shorter hours and worked locally, by all means he’d most definitely be my therapy. He’d be my saviour.

Forever always in our hearts Jack!

There where dogs and bitches, puppies both big and small.

Thought there was one at 8 month, who proudly stood tall.

No barking, no crying no nothing, but his head lurking out through the gaps of the gate,

Out for a walk we took and with instruction he demonstrated, licked and cuddled, it was Jack, we knew it was fate.

Like every puppy, he was bigger than most and a breed unknown,

It was then when he ate the wood work of every corner possible, he true colours shown.

However so, a cage we got and trained him good, he was our Jack, he’s our pride and joy.

He just wasn’t any old dog, but he was more than that, he was our best friend, our family, our Jack but more importantly our Boy!

He loved a play around and photo too, but more and more he grew, he loved a cuddle,

However happy and more so down, he knew something was up and always came in for a snuggle.

It unfortunate that my health deteriorated and has destroyed this relationship.

Where now it’s time in sadness to pass over ownership.

He was our wee man, our family and more our Jack.

And if only things where different and I was normal, I’d without a question take him back.

However he’s gone now and rehoused and now with a family, it will be something new.

If you only knew the reasoning for our departure, it’s not that you weren’t wanted, it was simply for your welfare, for we loved you.

– James Keenan


16 thoughts on “Goodbye Jacko!

  1. Losing a pet is hard. I’m sorry. You did your best to care for him. It’s great that you’re aware of your limits and found a home where he can get his needs met. Best wishes to you.

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  2. Sad but necessary James, the love you and Andrew have for him is mighty. You are thinking of Jacko’s welfare, a brave move by you both. Keep strong, think of you often. xxx

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  3. Hi,
    I started crying when I started reading the poem. This was beautiful and really sad. Is there any way the new owner can let you visit the dog? Perhaps you can have a dog sitter come in so you don’t feel you’re neglecting your dog.
    I am a dog lover. We have 3. Tough call, man. I feel for you.
    I met you at Nikki’s Meet and Greet with a Twist she held last weekend.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips. That’s what I write about. I also have Meet and Greets like Nikki. I blog over at Nice to meet you.

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    1. Hi Janice, thank you for you kind words but apologies making you cry. It’s tough decision, which had to be made; unfortunately. Please feel free to read my blogs, share in aid to spread awareness. James


  4. Letting Jack spread his love elsewhere was surely a tough decision. Perhaps imagining the new ripples of warmth and love and happiness he will bring as he lands in someone else’s ‘pond’ will bring you joy, even in his absence.
    – love & light (and belly scratches)

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