I’m Home!

Today i’m home, I can’t explain powerful enough words expressing my emotions right now. I still feel a little raw and the pain has moved from the front of my head to the back and whatever has played its part in my heart has changed from every beat to every other beat now.

I am now officially discharged from the Mental Health Inpatient Unit and now I have a new positive mindset. The next steps I’ll take will allow me to take a journey to a place i’ve always want to go and that’s simply living a life in normality.

I’ve grown to accept that ‘normal’ doesn’t exist and by experience it’s only a judgement.

If I was normal, I’d be like Susan, Mark and Joanna, we would share the same Religion as Billy and Joe and our race wouldn’t be different, we’d be known as one and that as human.

I’m human as you are too and that’s all we can be. It’s how we experience life differently and sometimes that’s not through choice, it’s through other people’s actions, people I’d declare demons, those who have unfortunately destroyed peoples lives completely to their death and others who became victims and like myself I was one of those people, however today I walked away from the hospital as a survivor and those steps leaving where the biggest steps of my life.

It’s no secret I have a Mental Health Illness and hold a series of diagnosis, those I’ve shared vocally and via social media platforms like blogging.

My way forward is to continue to recover, something that will not happen over night, through time.

I will declare that throughout my full recovery at home, I will practice and build my confidence and continue to write in regards to mental health and hopefully learn from my experiences and turn them into positive allowing growth to start workshops and discussions at schools and community centres.

My advise to anyone suffering with a mental health illness; is to seek help from their GP and not to give up until you reach that source that you find appropriate for your condition. Pester, pester, pester if you have too, you know your own body more than anyone else and you’ll know what direction to take. Throughout your journey ease yourself through your mind, body and soul; be brave and smile, don’t hide or be scared, open up and don’t pretend and don’t be intimidated. Just be yourself.

Practice the best positives that are best for you and they could be as simple as dancing, listening to music, travelling, arts and crafts, comedy, making new friends and simply being you.

Use yoga as a method of meditation or follow your religious beliefs whatever they me be? I believe in Angels and I pray in my own ways to them, I meditate through Angel card practice and they take me on journeys thatis incredible. They are my saviour sometimes and other times they guide me, but for as long as I live, I will believe and listen to their questions they ask and the answers they deliver to my own questions.

No one is perfect, you or nothing is, it’s just an overused word, but as human we can only be good enough!!

-James Keenan


Peace begins with a smile, spread love everywhere you go and let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. Joy is a net of love of which only catch souls. Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strengths lie.

-St. Mother Teresa

7 thoughts on “I’m Home!

  1. Hi James,
    I agree with what you’ve said and it echoes many of my own thoughts on MH recovery. Hugely important to invest time in doing things you enjoy and which give you a sense of achievement or connection to people or society. And it’s totally ok to be good enough!
    Sending good wishes for your continued recovery.

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  2. Hi James, Enjoy this new chapter of your life…. I know you have mental health issues, they don’t disappear overnight.. But remember you are a survivor and you will beat this…. don’t let arseholes win. xxx love Anne


    1. Awk thank you for your lovely words. I am proud of myself and I do try my best to continue to inspire others through my own life experiences. Keep reading, feel free to reblog and share on social media. Thank you for taking the time out to read my piece. J

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