He’s called Walter!

Walter is some sort of a person,

Someone I haven’t met, but someone I’d call a burden.

I hear this voice and unsure if it’s my think eternally,

Although he isn’t long New, I feel like I know him personally.

It’s a strange situation in a ward where you’re sectioned,

Where this guy who I have never seen, always try’s to gain my attention.

Even when he does talk, he has me investigating each and every day at the same thing,

Having me standing on my bed and checking the uncensored part of the bathroom door, something that comes a hugely frustrating.

It’s like as if my mind is playing tricks, is Walter real or not?

Something which worries me, cause I haven’t seen this person as of yet, am I losing the plot?

He comes and goes and it scares the life out of me, I don’t know how to describe it to the specialists.

However I don’t want those to think I’m an irredentist.

I’ve voiced my concerns and no one I know or anyone close knows anyone named Walter,

Although I can’t say I’m happy to have him near, just so happens when he’s around I feel falter.

I’m yet to make conversations and something I hope never will,

However so, earlier during the night, I felt a presence, as if someone was trying to introduce me, something I don’t want to happen to cause my health to go down hill.

I’m a good guy and I don’t deserve this and that I believe,

I don’t want those treating me thinking they and me misconceive.

I just got to accept that Walter is around and although not doing harm as such, he directs me to areas that I don’t want to be found.

Despite no harm and the guidance to insecurities, I fear and scare myself that when outside the ward, I lose control and end up wound!

Walter who are you?

-James Keenan


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