2017: what a year, what a great struggle and what a blessing i’ve survived and in recovery. I don’t want to lie and tell you that I feel great, because that isn’t the case, but I sincerely try my damnedest to work towards full recovery and some days is a struggle and other days I can’t leave my room.

During the week, I got speaking to a young girl age eighteen, her name is Rebekah and I’m sure she has her story to tell, but i’m not one for talking to others, asking questions, but I felt myself drawn to her and when I returned to my room like I usually do, I doodle on paper using oil pastels.

I automatically started to finger paint through using my pastels and designed a butterfly. I found a beautiful quote “perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great of darkness; yet become something beautiful” and finished the art piece with the meaning of a butterfly… “be powerful, change, hope & life”.

My piece; what I’d call art, but doodling to others, however it means something to me to want to do it and felt that connection, even though Rebecca and I have only spoke on a few occasions, but there is something special about this girl.

There are so many mistakes in the world, so many things going wrong, with random acts of badness to those good who deserve the best is over seen and used as a dart board.

Therefore I want to be different, I’m going to show how strong I can be and if it take months or years, I hope I succeed. I live in hope and strive by strength so this small gift which was so simply made, however more scary handing it over, this is my first and last random act of kindness of 2017 and I promise that I can continue this through into 2018 in progressing my recovery process.

We are only human, look for something positive in each and every day, even if some days you have to look a little harder, you will succeed. Some days you just have to create your own sunshine despite the whether out, however yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. The greater your storm the brighter the rainbow.

Thank you Rebekah for allowing me the opportunity and confidence to approach you in such circumstances. Your smile caught my eye, let it catch others, be brave and hope, hope for strength, continue being you, but allow change to make you that bit stronger.

-James Keenan


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