For so long, I wished for the day,

The day that our love would find it’s way.

Some called it a coincidence, but we called it fate,

We prepared for our first date.

It started with a message and a compliment,

Thats when I thanked my Angels for what they had sent.

We laughed, we joked, we even told our story,

Thats when we knew we were in our glory.

When I first met you, I felt we had known each other forever,

Telling you all my secrets, something I thought i’d never.

You listened to me and I bet you thought I’d never end,

Who would have thought we’d be more than just a friend.

I never believed that saying,  ‘oppisites attract’,

But as soon as we met, that became a proven fact.

Your eyes glistening under the starry night,

You leaned in and kissed, thats when I held you tight.

What we have is extodinary, beautiful and real,

It’s beautiful how you make me feel.

Undoubtedly we belong togther, just you and I,

That is obvious, even the world will not deny.

You’re my reason for living; my only reason to shine,

and the only reason that is; is because you are mine.

Never put into question; any of my feelings being true.

I have found my one and only, Andrew that’s you!

-James Keenan


14 thoughts on “Andrew!

  1. This is beautiful. Your words and kindness- I love you more than words can describe. You’re the reason I’m alive. You’re my everything James. I love you, Darling. Xoxoxox

    Liked by 1 person

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