It goes without saying, but the man i’m deeply and madly in love is truely the love of my life. A guy who has shown me the world and accepted me as the person I was when we first met and still accepts me for the person I am today. I generally couldn’t be happier with my life right now.

I generally belived I was in love before, but clearly not. The feeling of love changes between different people, but this person is special and the love between us is beyond infinity. There is no words that can properly describe the way I feel and with everytime I speak of us, it fills me with so much emotion.


The feeling I hold in my tummy is enchanting and the way I love him is sensational. My heart feels content and he is captivating. The way he looks at me in the morning, is the same way he looks at me at night. His smile remains beautiful. The way he touches me in public is the same as he would when we’re alone. The words he speaks are beautiful. The compliments he gives are overwhelming. The love he shows is the same love he’s shown me since our first meet. The way he holds me is special and his lips sends shivers through my body. His kisses are sensational and his looks are breathtakenly gorgeous. The first time I looked at him, I instantly fell in love and today, I still only need to take a small glance at him, my heartbeat races and I fall in love all over again. The love between us only ever gets stronger and the smiles on our faces only ever get bigger.


He’s a guy who has shown me the world in many different ways, a guy who makes my heartbeat twice as fast, a guy who sends shivers through my body, a man who fills me with so much confidence, love, pride, joy and happiness. A guy I cherish, adore and will hold on to for as long as he allows me too. A man I hope to marry one day and begin our family. He’s simply my man, someone very special who with every look I give him, he touches my heart.

Andrew is my real meaning to love… I couldn’t spend my life with no one better than him. He’s incredible and the reason why my heartbeat is as strong as it is. He’s not only my man, but he’s my everything. Loving someone is beautiful, but being in love with someone is even more beautiful. Life is magnificant. Andrew is phenomenal.


Be fabulous, I am!

“Andrew, my closest companion, my bestfriend, my soul mate, my pride and joy, my love, my main man, my everything… I love you so, so much to infinity and beyond. Thank-You for making me smile, but more importantly thank you for your love, allowing me to be yours and simply being mine. James xxx”

– James Keenan


19 thoughts on “Heartbeat!

      1. Oh I’ll give them a browse later and comment feed back. Be sure to reblog my posts, I’m trying to spread awareness on sexuality, mental health and abuse and hope to inspire others through my own experiences. 🙂

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  1. How wonderful to find love! I myself am bisexual. I used to tell people: I shouldn’t have to look between a person’s legs first to see if they can be my lover and mate. Love certainly doesn’t require a specific gender! Keep up your beautiful voice and thanks for reading some of my work. – madcow

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